Saint Media Group is a video production agency built to bring brands closer to their audiences with video content that is engaging, eye-catching and effective. With the entire process under the same roof, we make high-end video production made easy. Our hard-working production crew have the experience and skills to create content that is creative, nails the clients brief and, above all, delivers stunning results.



Videos can hold the magic ingredient in connecting a brand with their audience. We have worked with brands in nearly every sector to produce video content that builds a lasting emotional connection with their audience.

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Our versatility sets us apart in our ability to tackle to a broad spectrum of corporate video projects. From interviews, to event coverage we have the experience to confidently guide you through whatever project lies ahead.

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We provide high quality creative with industry crews for big audiences. Whether it’s for big brand Youtube adverts or social media channels,
We develop concepts in-house and produce the entire commercial too.

Filmmaking is our passion. We enjoy the entire creative process, from developing the initial concept to capturing the raw footage on set and finally to shaping the end product with editing, motion graphics, VFX and color grading.

We pride ourselves in representing a team of video creative’s, designers, multi-media freelancers and producing partners with a diversity of experience. We are Cinematographers, Directors, Editors, story tellers, and Motion designers that are very passionate about what we do and live to do it everyday. The videos we produce center around the passion of the stories / brands and where it leads us.


Some of our best work comes from being able to workshop ideas with our clients and key creative team. Whether it's developing an idea, story boarding or research, we want to be involved in the earliest stage of any project.

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Shooting great video projects remains one of our core competencies. Our collective production experience and vast pool of industry collaborators allow us to tackle nearly any production challenge.

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We offer creative video editing services using the latest techniques and software available. We can edit 4K-6K media formats, along with colour correction, designing motion graphics and VFX compositing,

We provide all levels of 4K/HD Production services for projects big and small. Our team will put together a production kit that suits your budget and creative needs. We shoot on the RED Epic Dragon 6K (Commercials, Branded content) and the Blackmagic Cinema 4K camera. (Corporate videos, Promotional event videos)


With the ability to capture 6K footage together with amazing slow-motion frame rates, Red puts picture resolution at the heart of the cinema cameras they make. It also has a host of resolution and frame rate options: 6K, 5K, 4K, 3K, 2K RAW imaging with frame rates up to 300fps.

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The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera provides DCI 4K RAW and ProRes as well as a USB-C expansion port for recording externally to SSD drives. This compact beast also provides 13 stops of dynamic range and dual native ISO up to 25,600 for incredible low light filming performance.

Maximizing the potential of our cinema camera kits, we also have access to our in-house production equipment. This includes Canon CN-E Cinema primes, Canon EF lenses, DJI Ronin / Easy rig combo (Solo operator set up), Aputure 300D LED large dome Lighting kits, wireless sound kits, Production monitors (SmallHD 702 bright / LG 30” 4K display) and all the nifty production tools that make life a whole lot easier on set locations.

As a client, you never have to worry about the technical challenges of the production process, because we confidently guide the project from concept to delivery so that you can focus your energy on creative collaboration. Our production teams are composed of talented, driven professionals who know how to achieve the highest-caliber results on time and within your budget.

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Adam St John is the Owner and lead video creative for Saint Media Group, with over 15 years experience as a Director, Cinematographer and Filmmaker, He specializes in branded content, commercials and short films.
Adam hails from New Zealand prior to setting up shop in Australia, not before traveling the world for several years on international cruise liners capturing stunning locations from across the globe.

As a committed professional, he wants to put his tailored creative talent to work for you. Adam loves working with clients to create a film narrative and go’s out of his way to tell a story our clients will love! He wants people to be passionate on all aspects in life and be who they are – then let him film it.